We aim to please... everyone.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand and embrace the tenets of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities are allowed the same opportunities as everyone else. It’s been 28 years since that became law and a lot has changed with technology. It’s time for a fundamental change in the way we think of our website and the services and goods it offers as well as those we hire to create and maintain our digital assets and websites. It’s more than pretty pictures and compelling content.

We believe...

Access to content, services and goods found on our websites are an individual and societal imperative and a fundamental human right.

We must be deliberate in our attention to website accessibility on our websites. Continuing to ignore equal web access will only result in negative outcomes socially, economically and legally. 

We understand...

Building an inclusive website may not be easy. Every person is unique and their capabilities and preferences will vary. 

By not focusing on web accessibility we will lose customers, miss on potential revenue, receive a negative reputation and ultimately face legal action.

We will...

We must make universal web accessibility part of our mission and not stop until our goals have been achieved. We will strive to understand their needs and continually innovate better online solutions.

Whether we build our websites internally, hire outside vendors, or use 3rd party services, web accessibility must be a shared responsibility.

Our focus for any current and foreseeable website project for our company will be built for inclusion.

We promise to be good stewards of web accessibility and share what we have learned so others may help with our mission of inclusive web experiences.

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