• Accessibility Compliance Plan
  • Accessibility Shield
  • Install by Support Team
  • Deep Website Scan and Report
  • 3-6 Months of Protection

What's included?

The Accessibility Plan

Developed over countless hours of research and legal consultation, our accessibility plan jump-starts your company's policy toward making your website more inclusive for users with disabilities. It clearly states your commitment to making your services and products comply with accessibility guidelines recognized by state and federal law.

How does it work?

Once your account is created, CommonAccess Support will reach out to get CommonAccess installed on your website. The CommonAccess accessibility seal will be displayed at the bottom of your website which links to your new accessibility plan.

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What's in the Full Report?

The report checks against more than 600 different data-points to give you one of the most thorough accessibility website reports found online. Your report details any anomalies as well as the commonly found website issues that create digital obstacles for people with disabilities. Some of the things you can expect to see in your report are:

Accessibility Issues

We check against WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines and Section 508 standards, which are the current international authority on web accessibility standards. We also check all your website files, like PDF’s and images, to ensure that assistive technology users can easily navigate through your website.

Usability Issues

You might see alerts for broken links, spelling errors, difficult acronyms, and reading level issues. These alerts can be used to make your website more functional for all users regardless of any disability.

Compatibility and Web Standard Issues

Sometimes images, HTML, HTML5, CSS, and scripts, don’t show correctly in common browsers. In this report, we validate it all. Your customers might not see what you see; knowing it now can make a dramatic difference in their user experience and your customer retention.

SEO Issues

For your convenience, the final thing that’s scanned are any issues related to search engine optimization. Fixing the problems listed in the SEO and Accessibility reports will help make your website easier to find for both customers and search engines.

How to Use the Full Report.

This report is a valuable business tool that you can use to quickly evaluate your website’s overall health, inclusiveness and searchability. Our analysis provides a deep-dive into your website’s code to give you a comprehensive scope of any issues found within your website, and suggestions on how to fix them yourself. Checking these barriers manually would be incredibly time consuming and labor intensive. This report is an opportunity to save time and money, with actionable suggestions available for every error.

Please note: The impact of accessibility compliance on your website is a dynamic, ever-changing environment and your current web developer may be unaware of this reality. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the results of this report.

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