DigiPro Media Launches the Next Generation, Fully Accessible Website for Shrimp Basket

  • June 3, 2019
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an image of Shrimpbasket.com's home page of the website with boiled shrimp
Pensacola FL, May 21, 2019 – In March, DigiPro Media, LLC launched Shrimp Basket website, www.shrimpbasket.com, a family-friendly restaurant, with over 30 locations. The website offers increased accessibility to users with disabilities as well as an updated design that compliments the company brand, plus several new features for their customers including online ordering for gift cards and merchandise as well as an interactive location finder. 

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring that those with disabilities can fully interact with or have access to all information and functionality on any websites. Shrimp Basket has provided an opportunity for its customers to learn more about the restaurant including various locations, menu items, and gift shop items. With their fully accessible website, Shrimp Basket has helped those who are visually impaired to familiarize with their menu before visiting the restaurant.  

During the project, DigiPro Media collaborated with Shrimp Basket’s marketing team effortlessly to freshen up the design and branding of the website. The marketing team shared its new vision; DigiPro Media’s Creative department implemented the design.  

With locations spanning across five states, Shrimp Basket needed a simple solution for customers to be able to find where they are located. DigiPro Media developed a custom, interactive location finder by utilizing a Google Map Application Programming Interface (API) integration and adding the iconic shrimp logo to pinpoint the location.  

DigiPro Media created an E-commerce solution with a payment processor integration to showcase the various gift shop items. The custom addition builds goals to increase sales through the website. DigiPro Media will continue to work with their team to create a new intranet, a private network for employees to communicate regarding internal matters.  

“We are thrilled that Shrimp Basket trusted our team and the technology to deliver their needs for a successful website,” said Steve Barshov, CEO of DigiPro Media. “I am proud of the design and website build that showcases my team’s creative and technical knowledge and experience.” 

DigiPro Media, LLC, located in Pensacola, FL, builds web solutions for businesses that are easy to maintain and are accessible to anyone. This digital company believes technology is a tool that should be used to strengthen the community through simplified and increased interactivity between citizens, businesses, and organizations.