Studer Community Institute Undergoes a Website Redesign

  • September 30, 2019
  • /   Ravin Floyd Nettles
  • /   Websites,Project Management
A laptop computer and mobile phone display the Studer Community Institute website home page
Studer Community Institute (SCI) became a part of the DigiPro Media (DPM) family as a Reason Funding client to improve their fundraising efforts. After 18 months of only using the fundraising platform, Studer began their journey to have a new accessible site which allowed them to consolidate some of their services where they have one login to manage their fundraising, donors (CRM), web (CMS), and e-commerce.  

After a year of familiarizing with our platform, Studer and DigiPro Media decided to refresh their site to better showcase their organization’s mission and goals.  We talked with an SCI representative to discuss their experience with the new redesign.  

 DPM: What things have you learned over the past year, that has helped you reorganize the content for SCI’s website?  

SCI: As our organizational mission became focused on our core work in the areas of early learning, leadership development, and civic engagement, we wanted our website to reflect that and to be easier to navigate. 

DPM: What do you hope for visitors to easily learn or find on your website?  

SCI: The redesign will make it easier for people to quickly find the content they are looking for specific to which area of SCI’s work they are interested in. And if they want to explore and learn more about another area of our work, it should be easy for them to do that. 

DPM: What words of advice would you tell an organization/business who is thinking of redoing their website?  

SCI: Take a moment to look at your website but imagine that you know nothing about your agency. Or better yet, get a friend from an outside agency to look at and ask them for honest feedback. Are the things on it easy to find for you because you know where they are, but not for someone else? If the answer is yes, it might be time to refresh your site. 

DPM: In your opinion, how does the website help accomplish the overall goal and mission for Studer Community Institute?  

 SCI: The cleaner, more intuitive new design will help people who are interested in learning more about our work find what they are looking for quickly. It should streamline things for donors and partners to find the content they want more quickly. It also presents a clean way for SCI to tell our story to the wider audience we are trying to reach. 

Studer Community Institute’s new website will launch in Fall 2019. The new design will incorporate an updated design which organizes the content better for the user and the visitor. The website will drive people to donate to the organization and sign up to participate in leadership development and civic engagement.  To learn more about the Studer Community Institue, please visit their current website.