How Are You Learning About Your Customers?

  • July 9, 2019
  • /   Ravin Floyd Nettles
  • /   Do More Mondays
Smiling woman and two men working with computer in office
Consumers use web forms more than they realize. You probably used a web form when you placed an online order. Not only are web forms necessary for your customers to receive the information, goods, and services they are interacting with or buying, but they’re also crucial for your businesses that create them and embed them on their sites. 

Without web forms, business owners would have difficulty collecting information on potential customers and tracking data regarding purchases, customer feedback, new leads and/or survey responses. In our digital world, it’s hard to think of a successful business that doesn’t have at least one web form on their site. 

DigiPro Media’s Web forms 

Use DigiPro Media’s Web From tool to create custom online forms from scratch via simple drag-and-drop functionality to collect the user information you require. Your form responses can be sent to multiple company contacts as well as stored on our DigiPaaS platform. The form creator also offers features such as optional or required fields, dynamic page breaks for better user experience, password fields, and conditional fields. 

Here’s how to make a simple web form: 

  1. Create a gallery
  2. Once logged in to your dashboard, go to the left-side navigation and click Content > Forms. Click Add New. 
  3. Name your web form and add the email (s) to receive form notifications. 
  4. Include a redirect link. This is the page you want your consumers to visit after completing the form. 
  5. Next, you can design your form! Use the easy drag and drop features to design your form.
  6. Click ‘Save’. 

Really, it’s that easy. DigiPro Media’s web form tool will give you the ability to create secure, personalized, multi-page web form tailored to your business needs.  
Want to learn more about the features to help you grow your business? Take a look at the features page.