Showcase What’s Happening on Your Event Calendar

  • June 17, 2019
  • /   Ravin Floyd Nettles
  • /   Do More Mondays,Websites
graphic image of the Event Calendar tool
It’s easy to figure out that people love to know what’s going on with your business. Having a Happy Hour? They want to know. Hosting a charity event.  They add it to their calendar. Running a 75% off sale? They will want to be there and probably bring some of their friends.  

So, you’ve gotten their undivided attention for the next five seconds. Now you need to share with them the events that you have coming in the next month. Event calendars are the best way to keep your viewers engaged in your content and highlight all that you have to offer over a period.  

 About the Event Calendar 
If you're a company or organization that has lots of events, make it simple for viewers to see what you have coming up by adding a calendar page. With DigiPro Media’s Event Calendar module, turn your blog posts into events with the click of a button. Even add promotion codes that have specific expiration dates.  

For example, adding a custom event calendar can easily display your happenings with one-click!  You can add your business promo codes to your daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurring events. An event calendar is a great addition to all of your other premium content on your website.  

Here’s a quick step-by-step: 

  1. Once logged in to your dashboard, go to the left-side navigation and click Content > Calendar. A pre-loaded template calendar will appear. Create a new event by clicking the blue Add Event Button.  
  2. Complete all the fields. Add your event title. Create a unique slug. Select Event. Add the ticket price. If there is a link to get the tickets, include the URL and the name of the URL. 
  3. Select if the event is recurring and if the flyer should be displayed on the homepage slider. 
  4. Make your event active and select your post-date. You can even choose an end date and the blog will automatically unpublish itself on your website. This is a great option for seasonal events!
  5. Upload a featured image that best represents your event. Be sure to add an alternative description (alt-text) for the image. 
  6. In the description field, include a short summary of what the audience will read about. Be sure to draw them in. 
  7. Then add any additional content. Use the formatting tools to help your content stand out.   

The Event Calendar produces mobile first event pages in a matter of minutes. This feature is great for showcasing all that you have to offer. You can quickly add events to your calendar.  Effortlessly maintain your website’s content by using this top tool on the DigiPro Media platform.  

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