Becoming a Blogging Pro with DigiPaaS

  • May 28, 2019
  • /   Ravin Floyd Nettles
  • /   Do More Mondays
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Blogs. Blogging. Blogger. People and organizations are constantly trying to effectively communicate with their audiences. Curating content can be a daunting task when you’re trying to figure out how to reach the right audience. After simplifying your brand’s voice and message, utilizing DigiPro Media’s Blog Posting tool will be a breeze and help you attract more people to your business.

So, what kind of content is most effective for your business? How can you create shareable content that’s valuable for your consumer? Here are some quick tips to help you create quality content that will leave your audience wanting more.

Base It On Research

Whether it’s getting to know your customers or performing keyword research, use data to assist you with creating your content. Keywords reveal what people are talking about, responding to, and sharing. Your research should show you what your audience is sharing and why.

Let Your Social Media Guide You

Pay attention to what your customers have to say about your business. Are they upset because they don’t understand how your business works? Are they wanting more events? Do they have a great idea about a new product or service? Look at what they are saying about you when they tag your company on social media.

Optimize Your Content

Be sure your post has keywords and phrases that will help boost your on-page Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Other ways to optimize your content include:

  • Links to other internal pages which will keep visitors in your site longer
  • Images with a descriptive alternative text
  • Sub-headers containing your keywords

Gauge Your Competitors

Check out what’s working for your competition. This will be a strong indicator of what your audience will respond and engage with. Not only will this give you an understanding of what is working in your industry, but it will help you strategize your marketing efforts.

About Blog Posting Tool

DigiPro Media’s Blog Posting tool allows you to publish articles from within DigiPaaS, making it easy to add content to your website. Using this tool to add blog content will increase SEO relevance and reader engagement. You’ll be able to self-publish your articles and add comments that encourage customer discussion and engagement or that can be moderated for appropriate content.

Here’s a quick step-by-step:

  1. Once logged in to your dashboard, go to the left-side navigation and click Content > Blog/Event/Promo. Create a new blog or open an existing one. Next, to the blog name click the blue options button and select Edit.
  2. Complete all the fields. Add a showstopping title. Create a unique slug. Select Blog.
  3. Make your posts active and select your post-date. You can even choose an end date and the blog will automatically unpublish itself on your website. This is a great option for seasonal posts!
  4. Upload a featured image that best represents your blog article. Be sure to add an alternative description (alt-text) for the image.
  5. In the description, the field includes a short summary of what the audience will read about. Be sure to draw them in.
  6. Then add your content. Use the formatting tools to help your content stand out.

The Blog Posting Tool empowers you to produce relevant content that your customers can engage with. Effortlessly maintain your website’s content by using this top tool on the DigiPro Media platform.

Want to learn more about the features to help you grow your business? Take a look here.