3d modeling for building architecture

3d Modeling

Your vision made real, virtually.

DigiPro Media's 3D modeling services specialize in architectural design, ranging from renderings to animations, all the way to 360° tours. With our experienced team who have served in both the architectural and engineering fields, we take great pride in providing exceptional attention to detail and organizational tactics that make for easy revisions to your model. Our scope of work has included hospitals, churches, office buildings, all the way to monument design concepts for our wounded veterans.

Every project starts off with a simple vision. Our goal is to extract and replicate that vision through the latest in 3d modeling technology. We treat every project as if it were for our personal design and attribute copious amounts of time and resources into developing the quickest possible method of completing a project via pre-stacked libraries and existing components without sacrificing quality.

Developers use our service to publicize both residential and commercial properties months before construction completion, generating early interest and sales. Architects present their concepts to their clients by using 3D renderings and animations which saves both parties time and money. Designers can model several interior schemes offering a more precise vision to their client. 360° images and virtual tours are ideal for realtors trying to market a property. This product gives you the ability to tour a residence without stepping foot onto the property.

Features and Benefits
Renderings will clarify your 2D floor plan by accelerating the approval process and bring awareness to the community of what is soon to be erected.

Upgrade your 3D model with 3D animation to give your audience a realistic glimpse of what’s to come.

Your can have a unique stylized concept which may include seasonal elements or a library of effects that will give your final product an edge to help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Remastering is the perfect service for anyone who has ever sought a concept design and was unhappy with the original results. Our team can take an existing model and mold it into the product you originally envisioned at a fraction of the cost to the consumer.